Mobile LED Screens

Wired Production Group is the leading provider of mobile LED screens for events of all shapes and sizes. Because our mobile big screens are weatherproof, they are perfect for informing and entertaining your audience in all climates. By investing in our mobile LED screens, you are ensuring that every one of your guests receives a first-row experience. These screens are the ultimate tool for hosting a tailgate or showcasing your festival sponsors. Because of our friendly service and quick turnaround, we make the rental process simple and efficient. We guarantee that our mobile screens will take your event to the next level. Because of this, we ensure that you will leave your audience wanting more.

Portable. Powerful. Persistent.


Screen size: 9’ x 16’
7 mm


Screen Size: 7’ x 12’
7 mm


Screen Size: 10′ x 17′
7 mm

"I'm always excited to go to work. Every day is something different: new clients and new events, but the one thing that stays the same is the awesome group of people that work here. Everyone is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to help."

Amanda Pierce

Client Account Manager | Wired Production Group

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